First picture of Augustus


Welcome to the Cows of Cleveland Dr. Home Page.


This website is about a herd of beef cows that live on our property and the things they do. Some things are silly, some things are exciting, and some things are natural but have an interesting twist to them.

We know that a male is called a bull, unless he has been castrated then he is called a steer. And a girl is called a heifer, until she has a calf then she is called a cow. For simplicity we are calling both male and females cow or cows.

New Arrivals

All our cows are very friendly. In fact, weve had three cows come in the house, one of them (Pearl) pooped in one of the rooms. Thank goodness we have wood floors. And weve even had a cow fall in the pool and appeared on the news. Click here to see the newspaper article.

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